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Lumber Supplier Demolition

Remodeler & Sub-Contractor


We love and care for objects and materials and we extend that love and care to the homes and structures we deconstruct. Remodeling the kitchen and want everything but the cabinets to go? We do that. Want to save just the floors? We do that. Looking to keep the walls up while removing everything else? That we do, too. 
It’s more than precision—it’s thoughtful care. Care that makes projects like these possible because we don’t just come in smashing things apart. We come in with a plan and a strategy, with a caring and trained team that respects your space and is ready to work. It’s no wonder homeowners and neighbors love us. 

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Deconstruction, Salvage, Full Structure Deconstruction, Surgical Deconstruction


OR_CCB# : 173875


Photo of home with siding removed, a team of workers with materials spread out on the ground
photo of a worker removing nails from a piece of wood
A photo taken from above of a reclaimed lumber warehouse with stacks of wood lining the walls

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Remodeler & Sub-Contractor

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